Karen Richards and Robby Cucullu co-founded Data Intelligence Group in 2007. Starting with no clients and no outside investment, Karen and Robby have built DIG into a thriving data management and analysis firm, serving multiple Fortune 100 organizations, as well as industry experts, consultants, and marketing agencies.

At the core of DIG’s success is the founders’ decades of data management and direct marketing experience, which shaped their knowledge around the inherent power of data and informed their vision of a future rooted in data. Understanding that interpreting information would be vital to a company’s marketing and business success, Karen and Robby launched DIG to help other organizations grow stronger by tapping into the power of their own data.

Karen Richards

Co-Founder & CEO

615.861.3301 x 7017

Karen has almost three decades of direct marketing experience, specializing in data management and quality control. Her previous leadership roles include Director of Client Services, Director of Operations and Quality, and Director of Project Implementation. She has provided services for several large financial institutions, including HSBC, JPMorgan Chase, Bank of America, and Pinnacle Financial Partners, as well as for global companies in the aftermarket warranty, telecommunication, and nonprofit sectors. Karen’s primary focus is on overall business strategy and development, as well as quality control and client relationships.

Robby Cucullu

Co-Founder & COO

615.861.3301 x 7027

Robby has almost 20 years in direct marketing and list services experience, specializing in data integration, merge/purge, and quality control. Robby’s prior leadership experience includes Manager of Database Development and Manager of Data Processing. Some previous clients include Genworth Financial, U.S. Bank, BB&T, and Dish Network. Robby is responsible for business operations, security and technical processes/systems.