Who We Are

Data Intelligence Group (DIG) has been in business for over a decade, and we have more than a century of collective experience. Data is our passion; and we specialize in managing, refining, and transforming that data into tailored solutions for our clients.

At DIG, we deepen our clients’ customer relationships and increase overall ROI by digging deeper and pushing data to do more.

We take time to understand the data, evaluate underlying patterns, and through a consultative approach, provide our clients with actionable insights.

We make our clients’ lives easier by combining our comprehensive data management experience with our custom data manipulation methods, which are applicable in any industry. If you are engaged in direct marketing, data hygiene, or managing your firm’s data, DIG can help you find the competitive edge.

DIG solves a range of data challenges, such as:

Advanced multi-channel direct-marketing campaigns

Hygiene and consolidation of data from multiple sources

Analysis of customer data to provide marketing insights

Data migration from legacy systems to new platforms

Data enhancement with third-party information